It’s Okay to be Okay

I must preface this by stating that I am not a grief counsellor nor do I hold any degrees in psychology, I do however have first hand experience of the impact of losing someone that I expected to spend the rest of my life with. 7 months and 4 days ago my husband died, the details of the how what and when do not change the fact that he is gone. Leaving behind a 47 year old wife and three children now 9, 12 and 28. My initial grief has turned to gratitude for the life I had and the life he has now given us and we are okay!

I believe everyone has a life contract, he signed one as did I and my children. I obviously did not read the fine print at the time my soul was asked to commit LOL. I  also believe that the physical ending of a person does not mean the spirit or soul ending of a connection. Frank is always with me guiding me and helping me in the decisions I make and the future I have planned.

My children and I live each day with a smile, this does not mean we do not miss him him every second of very minute, it means we do not let grief consume us. Our nature is to be happy and grateful for what we have and what we can create, this I am determined to never change.

We are okay and it is okay to be okay.

MWAH xxx


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