Make their light burn bright.

I like to think of spirits having a candle that lights their way and gives them the energy to give us signs. With this in mind the sadder I am the dimmer their candle and the happier or more accepting I am the brighter their candle.

If spirit is able to focus on what they need to do with the peace of knowing that we are okay  then they can grow in their journey.

If we continue to drown in our own sorrow we are not able to honour the gift of life they had with us in a physical form. They dont want us to stay in the sadness of their passing, instead they want us to celebrate what we were given the memories, laughter and the stories of what was their life which in turn what was our life.

I miss my husband every day and when I receive a sign that reminds me of him, something he would do or love I embrace the memory because I know this is making his candle burn more brightly.

MWAH xxx


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