Grief will not define me!

It’s no secret that I believe in the world of spirit, a world where our loved ones watch over us and guide us. It is up to us whether we listen and see the signs, a random feather, a butterfly, anything that is symbolic to them.

I see them all the time, it gives me strength and reminds me that this thing called grief will not define who I am today. I was quick to get back on my feet at the start of this process, I threw myself into motherhood, friendships and work. I needed to do this to stay sane as I was focusing on what had to be done. I was afraid to stop because I didn’t want to discover that this was all just a ruse and that I would fall apart.

What I discovered was that I didn’t fall apart, ending up in the foetal position in the corner of a room with my children saying ‘are you okay mummy’. I have days where I am very reflective I have days where I am super busy I have days where I isolate myself. All in all I live, love and cherish the 18 years I had with my husband. I understand why he died and I fully accept that I need to continue with my life for me and my children.

This thing called grief, which I think is a harsh word, is a process that is personal and individual to each person. I am sure however our loved ones would not want us wallowing in sadness and allowing it to dictate who we are going forward. There is a reason why we are still alive and that is to live and love each day and to cherish what we had and look for the signs.

MWAH xxx


One thought on “Grief will not define me!”

  1. I read this phrase today that I thought was really powerful–I’m paraphrasing it– The bravest thing you can do is say goodbye, and welcome new hellos. That’s what this grief is.

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