Stages of grief are like the seven dwarfs!!!

So according to the psych sites there are 5 stages of grief – go figure I always thought it was such a personal reaction that changes from day to day and makes me think of the seven dwarfs.

There is no first in line or order in which one particular dwarf will show up it all depends on what I see, hear, remember or reflect on at any given moment.

When going to sleep (Sleepy) I think of my husband lying next to me and what he might be doing whether it be reading, farting or snoring. When I am watching or listening to my children and it reminds me of him and I am delighted (Happy) to see they have some of his traits, Frank always said they are made up of 5% him 5% me and 90% them.

Realising I am solely responsible for mine and my children’s life path, decisions and everyday well being I am at times overwhelmed and determined (Grumpy and Doc). Forgetting to sign off a note for school or simply going to the fridge only to stare and wonder what I was looking for (Dopey). Being an extrovert because I am actually quite shy (Bashful) I know my friends reading this will be like ‘WHAT YOU SHY’ however I always had Frank to back me up, to be my rock and my go to person.

And finally, as a witchi woo believer, sneezing whenever I know Frank is close by or watching over me letting me know I am doing the right thing (Sneezy) as I believe sneezing is a sign of truth and being on the right path as if I sneezed twice Frank would bless me each time if I sneezed a third time he always blessed himself.

The stages of grief cannot be counselled on or directed by anyone but ourselves.

MWAH xxx


One thought on “Stages of grief are like the seven dwarfs!!!”

  1. I love all your posts , as the strong woman you are its life of love that got you here, with the love Frank gave and still gives your love is astounding for each other and your wonderful boys. X

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